Les Veilleuses Françaises

17, avenue de La Motte Picquet 75007 PARIS

TEL : 06 85 55 78 00 Tel : 01 45 51 99 98 Fax : 0147 53 79 29


Any order implies full and unconditional acceptance of the present terms and conditions on the part of the buyer – notwithstanding any stipulations to the contrary that may appear in his/her own conditions of purchase. Any exceptions to these terms and conditions are subject to our express approval.


Our delivery times are given only as an estimate. Any delay in delivery does not entitle the buyer to cancel the purchase, refuse the goods, or claim damages.


Our prices can be altered with the agreement of the customer in the event of force majeure or a significant change in the price of raw materials. If no agreement is reached, and in the cases mentioned above, we reserve the right to cancel any orders that have been made without compensation.


Payment is due at the time of order, except where special conditions are stated on the invoice.


According to the Act of 31/12/1992, in the event of late payment in relation to the due date shown on the invoice, late payment penalties will be calculated at a rate of three (3) times the statutory interest rate. In the event of a failure to make payment on a sum due, the order will be automatically suspended without further formalities. Costs arising from any unpaid invoice or cheque are the responsibility of the customer who has failed to make timely payment. 


Our warranty is limited to the replacement of defective goods, should this become necessary, and only covers the amount where the defect is the direct cause of the alleged damage. 


Our company can in no way be held responsible for the consequences of incorrect storage or abnormal use / misuse of our products and any defects thus arising. We recommend our customers to check that the products are in good condition and correspond to the specifications on the order before use. If a problem is detected, discontinue using the product immediately and, if no solution can be found, we will replace the defective products at our expense.


Our goods are always transported at the recipient’s own risk, even in the case of free deliveries. The customer must check the goods upon delivery and, in the event of damage or loss, pursue any claim against the carrier, who is solely responsible.


All complaints, including those concerning the quality of goods, must be made in writing and delivered to our head office by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt no later than eight (8) days after receipt of goods. Goods cannot be returned without our written agreement.


A title retention clause (Act of 12 May 1980) applies to all our transactions. Goods sold therefore remain our property until full payment is received. Risks relating to said goods are transferred to the buyer upon delivery. The buyer therefore agrees to immediately insure the designated goods against loss, theft, and total or partial destruction. Deposits may be kept as compensation.


All payment deadlines agreed to by our company include an event of default clause:  One overdue instalment – even on agreed bills of exchange – makes the entirety of the claim due immediately.


In the event of any dispute relating to a sales contract, or to the interpretation or execution of these terms of sale, the Commercial Court of Paris (75) has sole jurisdiction, irrespective of place of delivery or payment method and including in the event of warranty claims or multiple defendants.